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How Does ClickFunnels Pay Affiliates?

As with any other affiliate program, the ClickFunnels affiliate program also comes with a set of terms and conditions. For ClickFunnels to pay affiliates, the affiliate program members need to follow the terms and conditions set up by the team of ClickFunnels so that they are eligible for their payments when they promote the products and services offered by ClickFunnels.

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Clickfunnels Vs Clickbank

At the first look, both the names look like they might be offering similar services, but there is a lot of difference between ClickFunnels vs. ClickBank. Both might have a minor overlap in their offerings, but their final purpose of ClickFunnels and ClickBank is different from each other despite the similar-sounding names. Let’s take a quick look at both these products and find out why many people confuse their use cases with each other.

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