Clickfunnels Affiliate Center Unable to Promote Currently

If you logged in on ClickFunnels affiliate center, you might have noticed a message saying – “Unable To Promote Currently” message on your account. If you are not sure what that message is all about, then continue reading this article.

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ClickFunnels: Unable To Promote Currently

clickfunnels affiliate center unable to promote currently

If you see that message on your click funnels account, that means you are not allowed/not eligible to promote ClickFunnels software directly yet.

Clickfunnels made some changes recently that made it much more challenging to be approved as an affiliate now.

After doing some research on public forms and clickfunnels group, what I understood is, to promote clickfunnels software, you now need to meet their minimum eligibility requirement.

Clickfunnel’s new requirement is, you need to make at least $1000 in any single month (not every month) by promoting any/allowed click funnel products to be allowed to promote the clickfunnel platform as an affiliate.

How to Get Approved to be a ClickFunnels Affiliate

Now you already know the reason behind why clickfunnels affiliate center showing Unable To Promote Currently message. All you have to do is generate $1000 in any single month and apply it to promote clickfunnels software.

I recently noticed many of them heavily promoting one funnel away challenge, so seeing these changes, I understand why many of them promoting one funnel away program (OFA).

So, if you are looking to make your first $1000 in a month, then I recommend you to promote One funnel away offer.

My Alternative Recommendation:


If you are looking for a similar and much better alternative product to promote, which offers recurring commission, then checkout GrooveFunnels. They have 2 tier affiliate program, instant approval, and offer converts like crazy now (Now they are offering lifetime for a limited time).

In fact, you can use the Free GrooveFunnel account to promote your one funnel away challenge or any other affiliate offers. I’m personally using it, and I love their platform.

Links: One Funnel Away | Get Your Free GrooveFunnel Account


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Thomas Carlson - June 8, 2022

Hi. I just thought I would let you know I signed up for Groove through your link and paid for the premium program. Your post inspired me to check them out so I figured you should get the credit and the affiliate referral commission. I assure you we will be long-term customers of Groove.

    Arun - June 8, 2022

    Yes. I got sale credit. Thanks for using my link 🙂

    Ofcourse I’m.


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