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ClickFunnels has quickly established itself as one of the premium sales funnels creating software in the digital marketing world today. There are many different ways you can leverage the sales funnels created by ClickFunnels to drive traffic and views to your business pages.

You can choose from the ClickFunnels eCommerce template examples to see which one suits your business’s needs and requirements. If you sell visual products, then a picture heavy template might be better suited for your business. If you are selling coaching or webinars, you should choose a template to add in video examples.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the popular ClickFunnels eCommerce examples and how you can leverage them for attracting traffic and converting viewers into customers.

Tripwire Funnels

A tripwire funnel is the ideal funnel when you want to entice your customers into making a small purchase first and then a bigger purchase. First, you give the prospective customer a low-ticket offer that is so attractive that they end up making a purchase.

Once they’ve made the purchase and you’ve got their email address, you can offer them a product with a higher price and/or send them to the Thank You page.

This type of page is also called “Two Step Sales Page”. A tripwire funnel’s aim is to make the customer take a small action so that they are mentally prepared to take a bigger action. Even if the customer does not make a purchase of the costly product, you still have their email address that can be valuable for future sales. You can send product launch information through emails or send discount codes to make customers purchase your products.

Product Launch Funnel

If you are thinking of launching a new product in the market, this type of funnel is the best suited for this task. The prospective customer lands upon the squeeze page to where they can opt to stay updated about the product by giving their email address.

Then you take them to the survey page to answer a question, so you showcase your product as the answer to their needs. This will create a sense of trust in the customer, and they will be more likely to make the purchase decision.

Once they buy the product or service through the sales page, you can show them the Thank You page. Once you have their email address, you can also give them more information about future products and services.

The Application Funnel

If your aim is to create a sense of urgency and mystery about your product or service before the launch, the Application Template Funnel Page is the ideal choice for you. You can create an application page where users can leave their name and email address so that you can inform them once your product or service has launched.

This works in your favor in so many ways as you can create a simple page to capture the maximum number of leads, or you can create a complex page to make sure only the most interested people leave their email addresses.

The application template funnel page is excellent for creating anticipation in the users about the product’s launch. You can further inform them of the launch by sending them emails once the launch date is near.

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