Clickfunnels Landing Page Examples

If you are interested in bringing visitors to your business site, you must have heard of sales funnels. ClickFunnels is one of the top sales funnel builders in the market today, and digital marketers and businesses all over the world use ClickFunnels in some way or another.

One of the most essential features of ClickFunnels is creating landing pages that impress visitors and convert them into customers. If you are looking for some inspiration to create a landing page, then here are a few examples that will spark your interest in building a stellar landing page that will convert. Let’s have a look at these examples.

1) Anthony Morrison

The Morrison Publishing page is the perfect example of a tripwire funnel as it shows a hook on the first page to get the email address of the visitor by offering them a free ebook. This gives the website a chance to introduce the user to future products or services and contact them in case they do not complete their purchase.

2) Secrets of Traffic

This landing page design has a video in the beginning that offers the viewers a quick look at what the page is offering. Scrolling further below, the page promises the ebook for free while telling the viewers how they can also get free bonuses if they sign up quickly. All these tactics make the page pretty interesting for the first time viewer.

3) Top Lead Funnels

This landing page offers the top lead funnels of all times and has the video right below the headline. The video also starts to play automatically, which attracts the viewer’s attention. The headline offering 106 actual case studies along with the subhead offering a pre-made course are also eye catching.

4) Make Affiliates Great Again

This is a great example of a simple landing page that works well to attract the reader’s attention by offering a quick way to create a side “gig”. The eye catching points in this page are the 100 day action plan along with a catchy headline and a video that explains what the page is about. Scrolling further down the page, there are more goodies and bonus materials on offer that attract the viewer into signing up for the plan.

5) Affiliate Outrage

Affiliate Outrage landing page offers the program for free and gives the visitors a clear indication of how they can get all lessons unlocked for free. The red button that says YES! I Want Affiliate Outrage for Free stands out in the simple color scheme of the page and the countdown below the button is an added motivation to sign up.

6) Dot Com Secrets

The DotCom Secrets landing page highlights a common question for most digital marketing professionals, how to grow a company online. The page offers the free book in bold letters. The headline also mentions that the book contains 28 virtually UNKNOWN secrets. The page also has a video with Russell Brunson telling more about the book and how you can get it for free.

7) American Orchid Society

This page is the perfect example of how to gather customer email addresses by offering them a small free gift, a PDF of the magazine. The page highlights the customer testimonials and comes with a clear call to action for users to submit their email addresses and get a free copy. Then the business can email them with further subscription opportunities.

How About A Look at GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a ClickFunnels alternative that offers a range of features that are baked into the GrooveFunnels suite of services. Whether you want to build landing pages of a different kind of websites or sales funnels, you can do all that with GrooveFunnels without any coding experience.

The most significant selling point of GrooveFunnels is that right now; you can get the base plan of GrooveFunnels for absolutely free. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up, and the features you get now in the base plan will be free forever, as long as you sign up now.

Once you give the features a try, use them to create a few basic pages, you will get an idea if GrooveFunnels is suitable for your business or not. In case you choose to upgrade to a paid plan to access more features, you can use my link that will give you bonus resources and materials that might help you to get a better understanding of how to create sales funnels and leverage them for your business. Don’t wait any longer and sign up today!

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