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If your business has an online component, you need to take care of many things while managing the business. For small teams and solo entrepreneurs, taking care of all the business aspects can take too much time and energy. From creating landing pages, marketing, designing, and managing, every part of online business management requires dedicated attention.

Sales funnel software like ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels can help you manage several online business areas with ease. Keep in mind that while ClickFunnels is a sales funnel software, GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one suite of features that can help you manage different aspects of your online business. You can use many additional third-party software with ClickFunnels for added features, but in GrooveFunnels, several features are built into the main program. In all, with GrooveFunnels, you will rarely need to use third-party software.

In simple words, these software help in creating sales funnels that guide prospective users through the buying process every step of the way. Instead of getting confused by a website with multiple pages, the users end up on a landing page designed to strengthen the user’s resolve to make the purchase.

But the software is not only limited to guiding users to purchase a product or a service. You can do much more with sales funnel software to grow your business, improve your search rankings, create impressive landing pages, and much more.

This article will discuss GrooveFunnels (GF) and ClickFunnels (CF), their features, pros, cons, and which software will be best suited for your business needs. Let’s check these out!

Founders Behind GrooveFunnels and Clickfunnels

GrooveFunnels – Founders

GrooveFunnels was founded by Mike Filsaime, who also co-founded another popular funnel program, Kartra. As an online marketing professional, Mike has achieved several career milestones like 1 Million Dollar launches for his clients, generating over 125 Million dollars through the products and services he offers. Mike Filsaime is also the brain behind several groundbreaking tools in the online marketplace such as WebinarJam, EverWebinar, DealGuardian, EvergreenBusinessSystem, PayDotCom, and Butterfly Marketing.

Other founders of GrooveFunnels are John Cornetta, who is the President of the company. John is an internet traffic generation expert who has online stores that earn well above 6-figures per month. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. He has also worked to develop over 50 companies in his career.

Matt Serralta is the COO of GrooveFunnels, and he brings over ten years of executive-level experience to the table. He has worked in the e-commerce field while launching some of the most significant digital and online marketing space tools.

Mattijs Naus is the CTO of GrooveFunnels, and he is an experienced coder and software professional with experience in online marketing, entrepreneurship, and building online businesses.

ClickFunnels – Founders

ClickFunnels was founded by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson in October 2014. As a marketing professional himself, Russell Brunson created ClickFunnels for internal use, but soon he realized the software’s potential and funded it himself. Russell’s reach into the marketing world helped him to propel ClickFunnels to heights of success in a short time. He is also an author, and he has written books about funnel marketing such as DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

Todd Dickerson is the cofounder of ClickFunnels, and he has worked in the online business segment in various capacities. He has extensive experience in the fields of SEO, internet marketing, and web design. Todd has been an instrumental part of the technical development of ClickFunnels since its inception.

Tools that Come with Clickfunnels and Groovefunnels

Both GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels offer a complete range of tools that you can use to power up your sales funnels, create landing pages, and do much more. Let’s take a quick look at some of the tools and services offered by ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels.

ClickFunnel Tools

  1. Landing Page Builder – With ClickFunnels, you can build your landing pages from the dashboard of ClickFunnels without downloading any software. The Etison Editor gives you the features needed for building high-conversion landing pages just by using the drag-and-drop feature. You can add everything from text blocks, videos, pictures, and more to make impressive landing pages. All this, without learning a single line of coding.
  1. Smart Shopping Cart – The smart shopping cart feature offered by ClickFunnels is the ideal way to boost your business. The shopping cart offers 1-click upsells along with several other features such as abandoned cart email lists and much more.
  1. Email Marketing Automation – Automation of important tasks such as email marketing is built into the software. You can attach your email accounts with ClickFunnels, set them up with the defined parameters, and the actions will trigger based on the visitors’ activity to your landing page.
  1. Affiliate Programs through Backpack – Affiliate programs are great for any online business as it allows them to earn profits by simply recommending products and services to others. ClickFunnels comes with BackPack that allows marketing professionals to create affiliate programs for their products or services. It is a simple drag and drop operation for creating affiliate pages, and you don’t even need to know any code for that.
  1. Followup Funnels – This feature allows you to check with the customers who have already bought your products or service. You can build a trusting relationship with such customers so that they keep buying your services in the long run. Followup funnels also allow business owners to email or text their audience about time-sensitive events like webinars or sales of products or services.

GrooveFunnel Tools

  1. GroovePages – GroovePages is the funnel and web page builder component of GrooveFunnel. The drag and drop page builder comes with all the bells and whistles you would need to create professional web pages.
  1. GrooveSell – As a digital sales platform, GrooveSell offers everything you need to handle payments for physical and digital products or subscription and membership services. You can also use GrooveSell to create upsell, downsell, bumps and more to add to your sales.
  1. GrooveAffiliate – GrooveAffiliate is the affiliate program offered by GrooveFunnels that allows you to make money by promoting the services offered by GrooveFunnels. There are different tiers of payments, but those who join GrooveFunnels for free can get 20% commission, and the paid users can get up to 40% commission.
  1. GrooveMail – Automating the email is a crucial part of any online business, and GrooveMail allows you to do just that. You can automate the email CRM with your chosen conditions. GrooveMail also does text and voice broadcasting.
  1. GrooveVideo – Adding video to your landing page is a sure shot way to get your audience’s attention. GrooveVideos is a flexible program that allows you to upload videos to your page. You can create videos with the branding of your own business. The post COVID launch of GrooveFunnels will include GrooveVideo.
  1. GrooveMember – If you want to build a membership site, then GrooveMember will allow you to do just that almost effortlessly. You can choose the membership type from half-yearly, yearly, or even free, depending on your business’s scope.
  1. GrooveDesk – A help desk is crucial for any business that caters to a large number of customers. GrooveDesk will be launched in Q4 of 2020, and it will include everything from Live Chat, Ticket Management, Feedback Metrics, and Team Inboxes for helping customers.
  1. GrooveCalendar – Scheduling meetings becomes easier with GrooveCalendar as you can skip the constant emails and set dates that are free on your schedule. Your clients can choose the dates that are suitable for them and set the appointment. The feature will be released in Q4 2020.
  1. GrooveBlog – Maintaining a blog for your business or your company is now as easy as writing and posting it. GrooveBlog takes care of all the back-end operations to give you a professional and highly efficient blog.
  1. GrooveSurvey – Surveys are useful for getting a measure of how your users perceive your business. A survey can also give you insights into user behavior, so you can tailor your products and services to best suit their needs. GrooveSurvey allows you to create easy to understand surveys with measurable results.
  1. GrooveKart – With GrooveKart, you can create a powerful web shopping experience for customers without any hassle. The platform was designed from the ground up to include every feature like Print-on-Demand, DropShipping, and more. You also get access to a high-conversion check-out template and many other tools with GrooveKart.
  1. GrooveQuiz – GrooveQuiz is a great way to find out new information about your audience. You can integrate quizzes in your landing pages to get information about your target customer demographic’s likes, dislikes, and needs.
  1. GrooveWebinars for Live and Automated Webinars – Webinars are hot right now, and they are a great tool for reaching out to the customers. You can educate the customers, inform them, and give them additional information about your products and services. With GrooveWebinars, you can easily set up live or automated webinars.

Keep in mind, some features of GrooveFunnels are not operational yet, but they are in the pipeline, and once these launch, it will be a platform that will put other sales funnel platforms to shame.

Get Your Free GrooveFunnels

The Pricing Difference Between Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels

GrooveFunnels Plans

Get Your Free GrooveFunnels

Presently, GrooveFunnels is offering a Platinum plan at a discounted price of $1397 as a lifetime deal. You can choose the lifetime deal once you sign up for a free plan. The free plan is the base plan that includes GroovePages Lite, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate. The base plan is right for getting a taste of what GrooveFunnels has to offer.

But the Platinum plan from GrooveFunnels comes with all the bells and whistles that you will need for your business. Once you buy the lifetime plan, you will also get access to any new features that GrooveFunnels will introduce in the coming future.,

One caveat, though, if you don’t act now and choose the Platinum lifetime plan, then you might lose this deal once GrooveFunnels introduces their regular billing. You can get this deal right now because GrooveFunnels is in Beta, and they’re raising money for future endeavors.

If in case you consider GrooveFunnels Paid plan, then checkout my GrooveFunnels bonuses here.

ClickFunnels Plans

Compared to GrooveFunnels, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day trial period, and then there are subscription plans that get charged monthly. You can choose from Standard Plan at $97/month, the Platinum Plan at $297/month, or the one with all the features, the Collective Plan at 1,497/month.

You can add up to ten users in the Collective Plan and attach up to 27 domains into your account. The most significant benefit of choosing the Collective Plan is access to FunnelFlix, where you can learn more about sales funnels, be a part of courses, and more. You also get VIP phone support and access to exclusive live events.

Affiliate Program GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels

Recurring commissions are the most attractive part of any platform, and both platforms offer their spin on affiliate programs. GrooveFunnels has two-tier affiliates, which include a 20% commission for free users. Paid users can get 40% 1st tier commission and 10% on tier 2 commissions. One benefit of GrooveFunnels’ affiliate program is that you can earn money on each person you refer to as they are attached to your account for life.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, doesn’t allow new affiliates to promote ClickFunnels directly. But affiliates can earn commission by promoting ClickFunnels ebooks such as Traffic Secrets, DOTCOM Secrets, and Expert Secrets, along with their One Funnel Away Challenge and 30 Day Summit program.

New affiliate members can earn 20% commissions, and after making $1000 commissions in a month, they can upgrade to 30% commission. Affiliates can earn up to 40% on promoting these products. Still, the condition is that they need to have at least 40 active ClickFunnels’ClickFunnels’ members that pay for their membership through the affiliate id.

Where GrooveFunnels Shines

1) Marketing Based Founders – The founders behind GrooveFunnels bring years of digital marketing experience to the table. Having marketing based founders means they know what the business needs and provide it by offering a tailor-made product that does what it says on the package.

2) Tech-based Company – The market changes quickly, and having a tech company backing a service means they can keep up with the changes in the market. They can improve their offerings accordingly to suit the needs of their customers.

3) All Marketing Tools at One Destination – GrooveFunnels offers a complete range of products under one offering. There would be rare times when you might need to use a third-party addition to the primary software suite.

4) Proven Track Record of Founder – Mike Filsaime has worked on some of the most popular sales funnel programs in his career. He is associated with several million-dollar launches, and his companies have done over $150 million in sales. In all, Mike and the team behind GrooveFunnels know what they are about and how they can give their users the best bang for their buck.

5) Future GrooveFunnels Products – Groovefunnels has several upcoming products in the pipeline, such as GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveWebinars, GrooveCalendar, and more. Once these products launch, GrooveFunnels will change its pricing model, so you should get in now and choose the lifetime plan to get future products at no extra price.

Where ClickFunnels Shines

1) Superstar Founder – The founder of ClickFunnels, Russel Brunson, has a track record of success in the digital marketing arena. He launched ClickFunnels by leveraging his digital marketing expertise to offer a much-needed product in the market where nothing was like ClickFunnels.

2) Great Value Frontend Products – Russel Brunson has written books on sales funnels and digital marketing that are great value for the content that they offer. He knows the market’s ins and outs, and he has used his knowledge to create a software service that will cater to the needs of small and large businesses.

3) A/B Testing – The ability to test out what works for a business and what does not sets ClickFunnels apart from many other software providers in the market. The users can check the various options and choices to select the ones that give the best value for their efforts.

4) Proven Product – ClickFunnels is one of the biggest names in the sales funnel arena, and the company has simplified sales funnels to be understood by anyone in the business. The simplification of a complex product is where the company shines.


To sum up, both GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels come with their pros and cons. It is up to the business owner to decide which product best suits the needs of their business. It is a good idea to choose the trial version of both products to see which one will cater to all their business needs. While ClickFunnels has a 14-day trial, GrooveFunnels offers free sign up without adding any credit card where you can use the base plan. The GrooveFunnels base plan is the ideal starting point for a business owner to understand the system’s ins and outs.

If you are looking for a sales funnel software, consider checking out GrooveFunnels as their free base plan can help you become familiar with the system and see if you want to pay for a lifetime plan.

For any questions or queries, please feel free to leave a comment.

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