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GrooveFunnels offers its base plan for free, and there are many features and tools included in this plan to make it worth your while to sign up for the service. Signing up for the free plan does not require a credit card, and the benefits you get when you sign up are for life.

Keep in mind, when you sign up for the free plan, you also get the option to upgrade to the Lifetime package that comes with all the features you could ask for in a sales funnel software.

There are several unreleased GrooveFunnels tools as well, and the team at GrooveFunnels promises that you will get access to those once they are released.

The information presented in this article is correct at the time of writing this article, but the plans and their status might change soon, so you can always check out for the latest status of the packages.

Comparison Chart for Free Plan vs. Lifetime Plan

GrooveFunnelsFree PlanLifeTime Plan
Custom Domains3Unlimited
Share Funnels1Unlimited
Receive Shared Funnel5Unlimited
Import Pages15Unlimited
CustomersUnlimited (Can export)Unlimited (Can export)
LeadsUnlimited (Can export)Unlimited (Can export)
AffiliatesUnlimited (Can export)Unlimited (Can export)
Emails to customersTransactional OnlyUnlimited
Emails Cart abandonsSingle SendUnlimited
Emails to affiliatesUnlimitedUnlimited
StorageNone100 GB/ Life
BandwidthNone100 GB/ Month
Upload Limit5 GB Per video5 GB Per Video
Email Sends5,000/monthUnlimited
Import ContactsNoYes
GrooveKart Stores
Online Credit Card Rates4.95% +30C USD2.85% + 25c USD
Third Party Payment Processes2%0%

What is Included in GrooveFunnels Free Plan?

Let’s take a look at the free plan first.

The free plan comes with a limited version of many of GrooveFunnels applications. Still, only GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate have full functionality at par with the paid version in the lifetime plan.

GroovePages – The free version of GroovePages allows you to create up to three websites and three custom domains. You can share one funnel and receive up to five shared funnels. In addition to that, you can import fifteen pages.

GrooveSell – GrooveSell has no limits on the number of products, customers, leads, affiliates, or emails to affiliates. Email to customers is limited to transactional, and cart abandonment has single email limits.

GrooveAffiliate – All features of GrooveAffiliate are unlimited, which is the same as the lifetime plan.

GrooveVideo – GrooveVideo allows fifteen videos under the free plan. Users have uploading limits of 5GB per video. The base plan users do not get any encoding, storage, or bandwidth features.

GrooveMember – GrooveMember is another feature of GrooveFunnels that allows one membership with up to 100 members for the base plan users.

GrooveMail – GrooveMail users can save up to 500 contacts, with a 5000 email limit per month. Users of the base plan cannot import contacts from other email services.

GrooveKart – GrooveKart users have to pay 4.95%+30c USD for online credit card rates, and third-party payment processors have to pay a 2% fee.

One thing that needs mentioning is that GrooveFunnels has not decided on final package limits for unreleased tools. These tools include:

  • GrooveAutomations™
  • GrooveMember™
  • GrooveVideo™
  • GrooveProof™
  • GrooveDesk™
  • GrooveCalendar™
  • GrooveSurvey™
  • GrooveKart™
  • GrooveWebinars™ Live
  • GrooveWebinars™ Automated
  • GrooveStreaming™ Live
  • GrooveStreaming™ Automated.

If you are a digital marketing enthusiast or an entrepreneur with an online business, GrooveFunnels can help you make the most of your online business. You can sign up for the base plan for free, without even needing a credit card. If you use my link to sign up and upgrade, you will get cool groovefunnels bonuses from me!


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