ClickFunnels Yearly Plan

As one of the most popular sales funnel builders, ClickFunnels offers a range of options for customers to pay for their services. One of the ways customers can save money on paying for ClickFunnels is by choosing ClickFunnels yearly plan. This plan is simply making the payment for the whole year in one go and saving on up to two months of subscription costs.

The ClickFunnels yearly plan is ideal for people who plan to use ClickFunnels for the long term. If ClickFunnels is a significant part of your business, then you should get the ClickFunnels yearly plan and save some money in the process. You can upgrade to the ClickFunnels yearly plan through your ClickFunnels dashboard by navigating to the Billing tab and choosing Annual Plan. ClickFunnels will adjust the plan’s cost according to the money you have paid for your current plan.

In case you do not see the option to upgrade, the plan might not be available in your region, and you can get in touch with ClickFunnels support to check when the plan will be available for you.

GrooveFunnels is a Solid ClickFunnels Competitor

If ClickFunnels is too expensive for you or you don’t want to put all your money into building sales funnels, you can check out GrooveFunnels. A recent addition to the sales funnels marketplace, GrooveFunnels offers its base plan for free, and the yearly plan for GrooveFunnels is also available at a nominal price. The best part about GrooveFunnels is that you don’t need a credit card to sign up for the base plan. It is an entirely free plan that is available for all users.

The one thing that sets GrooveFunnels apart from others in the sales funnel marketplace is that new features are added to the software suite regularly. The users who sign up for the base plan right now will be able to keep this plan for life and use any future additions to the base plan.

Right now, the base plan of GrooveFunnels offers full access to GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate in the application suite while other apps have limited access.

In short, when you sign up for the base plan of GrooveFunnels, you can get a fair idea of the software suite’s feature set, how it operates, and its utility for your business. In case you want to upgrade to a paid plan of GrooveFunnels, you can use my link to get several bonus resources and educational materials that can help you with your online business.

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